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We are a world-class startup studio in Portugal. We back exceptional founders to help shape ideas that change the world. As co-founders, with a proven team and playbook, we take care of the important things in order for you to reach your goals quicker, cheaper and faster.

Boost your success and get results faster

Avoid mistakes and find a more direct line to success. We launch ventures and help established brands evolve like startups. Together we discover, build and scale. We assist with all the time-consuming tasks, freeing you to focus on creating a sustainable business. It’s a new way to build - with less risk, increased chances of success and so much more cost effective.
Count on our team for every aspect of your journey

We’re here for you

Lean on a rockstar team of founder-quality technology, product and investment professionals who have built some of the most popular products at transformative companies including Skype, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Hundreds of millions of people use the products we designed and developed, every day. The team holds over 100 patents between them!

Way more than advice or investment: real work.

We build great long-lasting businesses and products that make a positive impact. We co-create, rolling up our sleeves, so that we can achieve exceptional results... faster. It’s not just advice but full-on delivery! SURFnCODE helps create new, proven businesses with a better probability of success. We invest significant amount of time in our startups, working alongside founders to ensure the success of each company we launch and shaking up the venture system.
Less risk and 10x more chance of success

We support the best. Let's build the future together

Get things going
Validate your concepts with proven discovery models
Build and grow
We're in your corner for every step of the journey

Work-life harmony is not a catchy title

Startups take a long time to build, so it's important to enjoy the journey along the way. Surfing is part of SURFnCODE and not just for naming purposes - a healthy dose of patience and resilience, learning to embrace the changes and challenges around you, facing your fears, living with passion and a sense of community are some of the surfing values we believe in and that we use to guide our work day in, day out.

Increase your startup’s odds of survival

Be a part of this innovative ecosystem and work with a supportive community of founders.

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