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Boost your chances of success and let our deeply experienced team help you reduce risk and accelerate quickly.

Create stand-out products

We’ll help you clarify your ideas so you focus on the most validated concept. Let’s first help you find your problem-solution fit and start you on the road to product-market scale. With our international team of highly skilled product managers, engineers, designers and marketeers we’ll create products that resonate and attract seed funding quickly. Build world-class software from the start, with a clear goal in mind.

Share and succeed

Together we can make better design decisions, better engineering decisions, and better business decisions. Not only that, but with SURFnCODE you’re a part of a multidisciplinary team of problem solvers in the most diverse areas that typically can be hard to manage at this stage: admin, marketing, legal, HR and recruitment.
Remove the complexity of managing technical projects

The right fit for you

We want founders who have a clear problem to solve. We look for ambitious people with passion, knowledge and commitment. We believe in a culture of shared success across our companies, driving learning and collaboration. Plus, you get to start building your own strong and experienced team that’s yours when you are ready, something that would typically be out of bounds at this stage.

Founder in Residence

Be our next Founder in Residence and let's build great things together

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