To the next level

We know how important it is to get to market quickly with the right product and with solid foundations. Let us work with you to plan, build, accelerate and achieve higher valuations. This way, more focus can be put on the product, and on the customer.

Accelerate Growth

Our goals are your goals: build a world-class team, decrease acquisition costs, find product market fit, build products people will love, and find new markets and channels. We work together to iterate and experiment, in order to create a strong business and culture. We work alongside you and introduce you to our network of partners, investors, corporates and angels. With us, you get support every step of the way.
We launch early and iterate fast

Dream team

It’s time to build the right team and create a super culture. We help you move in the right direction and avoid many of the early recruiting pitfalls so you build the dream team that most seed companies can't afford to have. And your team at SURFnCODE is dedicated to your company. It transitions across when you’re ready. Don’t waste time outsourcing resources and technology!

Flawless technical growth

We come together to make sure your tech grows as far as your brand and product will escalate. With no tech debt and with full support on managing all the incredibly difficult decisions that come with building technical projects, plus other shared resources - marketing, recruitment, culture, funding, contacts, legal. Build strong and quality software right from the start.

Take the next step with us

You value skill and swiftness. Our team has both and it will escalate your company to the next level.

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