What is a product studio, anyway?

We are product people. We work hands-on with innovative companies and apply our proven product validation framework, experience and network to build great products.

"Product studios exist to fill a gap in the support given to entrepreneurs."

SURFnCODE is a product studio that specialises in helping companies identify the right problem to solve and build the right product. We increase a startup’s odds of success by applying our experience to identify the most important problem to solve, validating the solution and confirming Problem-Solution Fit.

We're a platform that helps founders elevate their ideas and business off the ground. We offer human capital, technical know how and expertise, and an agile environment where a founder can thrive. Working with us can mean the difference between a successful product and an idea that never actually takes off.

Product studios are not comparable to consultancy firms, offering much more than externalised expert advice. We are vested in the success of our partners. Our interests are aligned in that we measure our success by the value created through our participation in building a great company.

Amazing founders and a hands-on approach

We are involved from the very start in getting things going. We work with early stage founders on idea validation and identifying Problem-Solution Fit. We help funded startups accelerate product development and build a world-class product management organisation. We partner with leading companies to build new innovative solutions that transform industries.

We use a proven product validation framework that allows us to objectively examine problems, test solutions and validate products at various stages of delivery. This agile approach to problem solving ensures delivering valuable products and successful results.

"Product studios exist to fill a gap in the support given to entrepreneurs."