What is a product studio, anyway?

We apply our proven product validation framework and work hands-on with founders.

"Product studios exist to fill a gap in the support given to entrepreneurs."

We're a platform that helps founders elevate their ideas and business off the ground. We offer human capital, technical know how and expertise, and an agile environment where a founder can thrive. Studios can mean the difference between a successful product and an idea that never actually took off.

Product studios are not comparable to consultancy firms, offering much more than externalized expert advice. They are about more than hiring an external development team or a design agency to spruce up visuals and, unlike a venture studio, their aim goes beyond funding.

SURFnCODE is a product studio that specialises in helping early stage companies identify the right problem to solve and build the right product. This means we increase a startup’s odds of survival by teaming up and strategising amazing products right from the start.

Amazing founders and a hands-on approach

We are involved from the very start in getting things going; founders come to us for idea validation, product management and building, and pitch preparation, but also for team recruitment, deep analysis and product discovery.

We can be your partner in all things Product Discovery. We help you define your idea, discover the problem (or problems) and identify the solution(s), validate, identify a Problem-Solution fit and validate that as well. Our iterative process means in each sprint we go back and validate the premise again, achieving a cohesive and strong answer to the problem in hand. Potential investors appreciate seeing proven proof points at this stage. You can find out more about how we work right here.

Accelerate and escalate

With some degree of funding secured, work starts on defining, validating and developing an MVP. We also help set up the product team organisation within the company, the processes, and assist in hiring the right team for each stage. Our Product Acceleration method reduces the uncertainty, building great tech from the start, with less debt and less risk.

We exist to fill a gap in the support given to entrepreneurs. Throughout our process, we give our founders’ ideas all the backup and validation they need to survive, thrive and become successful businesses. And we’re here to enjoy the process with them.

"Product studios exist to fill a gap in the support given to entrepreneurs."